Travis fimmel dating katheryn winnick dating and marriage culture senegal

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I feel that she does have a scene with him – a really strong scene – where she goes to him and he gives her some devastating news that literally changes her for not only the rest of the season but the rest of her life and it’s a really big scene.

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travis fimmel dating katheryn winnick-8

That fits in the matter of him taking mushrooms with his slave or not wanting to be king and him not necessarily being a good father or a good ruler.Kattegat is being run so badly and [there has]been a lot of problems with Kattegat, like people have been dying, things are not being run in a proper way as it should be, and she feels that she is doing the right thing by reclaiming it, because nobody would rule it better than she does, because she truly cares about her people.And so we had this great scene with Alyssa Sutherland who plays Aslaug and she is fantastic in it, and it was great to finally get face to face with her and Aslaug and Lagertha together.: The Seer is the Seer.So I think you’re going to like that relationship and I think Lagertha definitely grooms her to be the warrior that she is and it was nice just to see that it’s not necessarily, ‘Oh here are two women that are in bed together’, but there is a strong bond that is not necessarily the sexual part of a relationship, but more of an emotional bond that is evident and really beautiful to see.: No, I don’t think there is any endgame.I think that she sees her as someone that is very comforting, but at this stage Lagertha truly feels alone, I feel, because of all the betrayal that she had.

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